Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mount Ever-rest 2: Pickin' off birds from the top.

Today was once again a day of rest. The only major thing that happened was that we played with the air-rifle. Because of this, this post may be rather short.

Today was spent resting...and watching Unforgotten Realms. We didn't do too much, because of yesterday's events.

The air-rifle was good fun, even though we were low on ammo (i.e. small air-rifle pellets that you put down the barrel of the gun to load it...and fire). After several misses by me and my companion (Thomas), I decided to shift one of the targets (an old, slightly empty bottle of bleach [Sure hope I don't have any bleach embedded in to my skin which could slowly turn me in to a zombie.]) forward a bit to give me an easier shot. The thing I found the hardest was getting the gun in the right anatomical (Is this the right context?) position and being able to see the sights. But after some adjustments I managed to get a pellet through! Hooray! Then, to make it slightly harder, I moved the target back a bit. My next shot, I hit it again, and I moved it back. The third shot, I hit it....I'll leave the math work to you. This brought us down to 1 pellet left, and Thomas took it, ripping it through the air and thwacking an empty bottle of orange drink.  Yes... Good fun.

Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of photos. When get time in between lazing about or doing something marvelously exciting, I'll post the photos on to my Facebook. Please go to your nearest Facebook or person with a Facebook for more!

I'm gonna plug my camera in, get changed, brush teeth, and go to bed... In that order.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want some more.

Sorry for the lateness of posts. I'm getting kind of worried about this blog and what will happen to it. I've missed out on HEAPS. Mum, could you please look back through your MSN conversation histories and find the old conversations from back in the Spain days? Thank you. Dad, could you also look through your e-mails and find information. Thank you.

Today we woke up early and went back in to London for a day. First thing we went and saw was the Imperial War Museum. It was interesting to see all these tanks and vehicles from WWI WWII. There was also this slightly kiddy hands on exhibit on how the men on a submarine worked. On one of the higher floors there was an art exhibition about the holocaust and how Hitler killed off all the men who were Jewish or 'not pure'. Further on in the exhibit was a netting and cards threaded through the netting. People had written things on the cards and threaded them through. The funniest card I found said:

"Say no to war.
Say yes to chocolate."

I wrote one which said:

"Saying that some one isn't pure makes you a fascist.

There was also this exhibit called "The Trench Experience", which showed you, fairly accurately, what life was like in the trenches. You walked through this remaking of a trench which had talking dioramas strewn through it. It was a good museum.

We then had lunch in the museum cafe. I had Macaroni Cheese (that was good), Thomas and Nanna had a sage and something pie with salad. Aaand for drinks, I had a Coke, and thomas had a fruity thing. We then went and bought things from the museum gift shop. I got a little fighter pilot bear and a box of marbles. We then went to the Drury Lane Royale theatre to see Oliver! It is so good! I want to see it again!

That's pretty much it. Whoever in the family reads this and has past information from my trip, E-MAIL ME!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Red Hot Cup of Strong Bad

Today I got up at 5:00. Which wasn't too bad. And then after a bit, found some very saddening news. I don't want to bother you with it. Let's just say that it involved YouTube. After this period, I then headed downstairs to have breakfast, and I found some mail at the door. And there was a particular article of this mail that really interested me. It seems that dad had cleverly bought me a package off's store and sent it to the farm. The package contained a Trogdor beanie, the 6th disc of strongbad_email.exe, an advertisement for a little Strong Bad related game, and a freebie of a EVERYBODY TO THE LIMIT bumper sticker. After some celebration and watching and wearing of my new gifts, I had breakfast. Coco Pops.

After a bit longer we (Nanna, Granddad, Uncle Alistair, Thomas and I) went out to lunch at this really lovely restaurant called The Red Hot World Buffet. You go in and it's all you can eat for £8 a head. Drinks extra. Exquisitely good. My savoury items included french fries, spare ribs, spring rolls, noodles with sweet and sour sauce and my sweet items included cake, mousse, grapes and gummies. Full stomached, we headed home for many hours of rest. After a while (sorry I'm being a bit vague), at about, oooh, can't quite remember. 7:00, I think? I watched some Supernanny. And then after Supernanny, Nanna brought in a game of draughts (or checkers) for me and Granddad to play. After not knowing quite how we were supposed to set it up, we figured it out and began to play. He won the first game. The second game was played well, but was interrupted by a brief check of the rules, but I still succeded, claiming victory in a calm and placid manner. Nanna then brought in a little book-thing of quiz questions (imaginitively titled Quiz Quest) and Granddad quizzed me. I got most of them right, showing off my brainpower in a magnificent fashion. Then I headed upstairs to do various things on the computer, including playing this bizzarre flash game called "Achievement Unlocked", which was, as you could guess, all about getting achivements. Although, what made this funny is that some or most of the achivements were extremely easy. Doing things like getting to the sponsor screen, preloading the game, getting to the menu, starting the game up and clicking on the level all got you achievements.

Well, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm gonna head off to bed now.

Good night, pleasant tommorrow, and bye.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Lost Chapters

On 1/1/09 I got up at a fairly reasonable time, talked to Mum through eBuddy, had breakfast, did something, had lunch. Then Sandra and Louis came. They were spending the night with us because their parents were going to a spa resort. After a bit, Sandra, Thomas and I went out into the city of Madrid went in by train after missing a bus. We bought these things called churros which is a Spanish biscut, and some molten hot melted chocolate.
After 10 minutes of deliciousness we hopped on a train. After a couple of underground trains we were in Madrid. We had a walk about and had a look at various sights. One of the sights that really caught my attention (Hey, how could it not?) was a large puppet show on the front of a shopping place. We then went and saw Sol, the large clock which rings in the new year in Spain.

We then saw the town square, which had large neon lights around it.

We then went to a local café where me and Sandra bought a drink. I went to the bathrooms but they were too grubby. But that's another rant.

We then went to see the Royal Palace. On the way there, for some bizarre reason, there was a man lying down on the ground surrounded by a crowd of civilians and police men. We then reached the palace and it's large fountains.


We then took the underground to the bus station and waited for our bus. It did not appear so we had to take a much later bus. We walked the rest of the way home and I fell asleep as soon as I went to bed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Magical Bushel

Yesterday was New Year's eve, which is always quite exciting in Spain. We had to prepare for the party, and needed to go to get some groceries.

We headed off in to a local town called Las Matas. We went in to a little supermarket called SuperSol. We bought Pringles, bread, fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and fruit juice. Nona then went to get a newspaper so we had coins for the bus ride home. But we missed the bus! So we decided to go to a café and have something to eat whilst we waited for the next bus. I got a cream eclair and Thomas got a cookie top-coated in chocolate. As we were enjoying our meal, we missed the next bus! We finished up and went to wait at the bus stop. Eventually the bus came and I got to order mine and Thomas's bus ticket.
We got home, unpacked everything and had a lunch of little sandwiches. Then me and Thomas relaxed on the couch and had Pringles. Eventually I fell asleep for quite some time. When I woke up it was 8:00 so we had an hour left to go. I rose and had a bathy showery thing and got dressed. We were then picked up.

It was a big event. A lot of people were there. First Louis, Clara's little boy, got me to play on the Wii. Then we had dinner. It was fish, so I didn't eat much.

After dinner, the preperations began for peeling grapes. During said preperation I was lead downstairs by Luis in to his private room. It was large and had a computer, a punching bag, a large promotional card for Driv3r, some boxing gloves and a small closet full of games. I had a go at the punching bag. I found it difficult. Thomas blocked attacks from Louis. Then it was time for the grapes. We watched the clock on TV as we ate our grapes. The way it works is when the clock strikes 12 it does 12 bells. On each bell you eat a grape. We then went outside on the front porch to watch the fireworks.

We then played Tower Tension (a.k.a Jenga) and I lost once. Then me and Louis played Guess Who. After a while we went home.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Arrival

Today was my final morning in England. I woke up fairly early and decided to read, trying to get back to sleep every now and again. But I did manage to get back to sleep. I then woke up at...uh....some time after 7:00. I went on the computer and talked to dad. Eventually, I think at around 7:30, Nanna found me on the computer. Eventually, after a while, there was breakfast. Cereal, as usual.

After breakfast, we slowly started to get ready to go to Spain. I had a bath, and got dressed. Then we had lunch. It was so good. Quiche, sausage rolls and salad. And then for dessert, a meringue roll. After some packing up, I met Uncle Alistair´s nephew.

We then headed off to the airport. It was a small and fairly cold airport. At least on the outside it was like that. Inside it was quite busy. We had to wait to go up through the system, and in this period of waiting, me and Thomas had drinks. I had a Diet Coke, Thomas had a hot chocolate. After a bit more waiting we headed up in to the fray. We had to stand around in the lobby and wait for quite some time. But eventually we got through and on to the plane.

The plane ride was very short, but quite comfortable. I fell asleep for most of the flight. When we arrived, we were picked up. We then got to Nona´s house and had dinner of soup and pork and prunes followed by a dessert of cake. Then Thomas lead the cat out of the room with a trail of treats.


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Masterful Mind That Knows How to Take Pictures (Now with in built shovel attachment!)

Last night, after the previous blog post, Uncle Alistair taught me how to play Mastermind. It's good fun. Anyway, back to the blog post.

Today I woke up at 4:00. That was pretty ridiculous, I know. So as I was awake I read my Calvin and Hobbes book and tried to sleep every now and again. Eventually I did nod off and woke up again at sometime after 8:00, which was a bit better. Thomas told me to lie in for a bit more. I did so and got up about, what I thought was, 10 minutes later. Which was good. So I got up and scrambled down to find Granddad at the kitchen table, reading the paper. I went in to the dining room and turned on the telly (can't quite remember what I watched, all I can think about right now is poor Meat Boy, mayherestinpeace). After a few minutes, we had breakfast which featured cereal. And there was also toast.

Couple of hours after we went shopping. Nanna wanted to go in to a local sports shop, JCB Sports (Yay! Advertising!), to change some Christmas presents. Nanna offered to get me and Thomas something, buuuut there wasn't much we fancied. We then went in to Currys, an electrical gadget shop, to have a look at TVs for Alistair. Whilst we were there we bought a camera for Thomas, which we shall use in Spain. So hopefully the Spain blog posts will have pictures. I also found Super Smash Bros. Brawl (for the Wii), but we weren't sure about getting it because we didn't know if it would work. On the way back, Nanna bought fish and chips for lunch.

After a very tasty lunch, Thomas did some research on the English games on Australian consoles issue and found out that, yes, they would work. Nanna will get it whilst I'm in Spain. There was then a tea of chips, dip and various meats. Then we all relaxed and played Mastermind.